About Bliss

Garden designer Tish Treherne is best known for her unexpected plant combinations and use of foliage to create all season gardens with a naturalistic feel. Taking design direction from the surrounding landscape and architecture, she works in both traditional and contemporary styles. Her work has been featured in Sunset, West Sound Home and Garden, Northwest Home, Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine and on Sunset.com.

Tish resides on Bainbridge Island with her husband Adam and their energetic Australian Shepherd, Owen.

For more information, see www.blissgardendesign.com.



  1. Hi Tish…Just re-discovered your site in my “favorites” and looked in. A group of the Walkie-Talkies and others were in your Mom’s garden on Tuesday for an al fresco gathering. It all looks spectacular. It’s amazing how the new stonework and plantings have opened up the entry vista and even revealed the interesting shape of the pool more fully. The first increment in back has grown in so fully giving us an idea of how the pool area will look down the road. If ever you decide to move back down here, I know several people who would welcome your garden design help (probably starting with me!). We’re looking forward to seeing the entire yard as it’s completed and matures.
    Susan Seager

    • Hi Sue – thanks for the kind words. I’d love to work down there too with all the scrumptious plants that we can’t grow! Alas I am too far away. Hope to see you soon…

  2. Hi Tish! I have had your site bookmarked for months…love your photos and updates! I am a garden designer/garden care giver here in the Portland area. I am working on updating a WordPress website and Blog.
    May I ask, can you tell me how you are able to post such large wonderful photos? I have been stymied with my original site and the quality of photos I was able to present.
    Any suggestions or tips would be so appreciated!

    Thank you and Happy Gardening!


    • Hi Karla – Thanks! My best advice is to invest in a high quality camera. I shoot with a Canon Rebel T3i and take all my own photography so I can use it however I want. Shoot on overcast days and frame your shots artistically – if its intimidating, maybe even take photography class for some basics. Good photography and capturing the essence of each garden is essential. I try to present my gardens as we would experience them in person and take fewer “long shots” in favor of closer, more interesting angles – the human scale. Having a photo editor like Photoshop helps to crop etc too. I also need to create a new WordPress site since my old one is Flash and not mobile friendly, but I struggle to find the time to do this. I’ve found though that Houzz is really the best platform to show my work and many clients find me this way. My plan for my new site is to not have a portfolio on the site, but rather to link to Houzz and maintain the portfolio on their site – so you might consider this too. Posting photos does give them the right to use them within their site, however you still maintain your rights. Good luck & happy spring!!

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